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We are progressively making our vast 'personal and spiritual growth' resources available on this website for FREE.  Initially we will have our seminar notes available.  Later we will make pod and video casts available for download.

You will find them under "Courses"  (click button top of this page) for downloading to your personal computer.  Each few weeks you will find new notes available for downloading.

Who Are We?

Golden Sun










We are a teaching, mentoring and coaching ministry, dedicated to bringing people into a living relationship with Jesus - who is the Tree of Life.

See also our other ministry site for e-books and articles www.mentorsnotebook.com

We are also both licensed Facilitators for Prepare-Enrich.  Please contact us if you need Pre-marriage counselling or "tune-ups" for your marriage.

For more information on Prepare or Enrich see www.prepare-enrich.com.au

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